Engineered Stone

To create engineered stone slabs, quartz is blended with pigments and resins, resulting in a finished product that's 93% quartz. Then this mixture is poured into molds, and after going through a compacting process, it is cured at 90 degrees. Machines will finish perfecting the countertops by polishing or honing the slabs. Unlike granite, engineered stone countertops require no sealing. They are scratch and stain resistant, and the surface offers more flexural strength than granite. Engineered quartz offers more consistency than natural stone, and you can count on an exact color match for your design motif. You do not need to choose your slabs to end up with the right countertop, because the sample will always match the finished product. We carry the best brands on the market, including DuPont, Zodiaq, Cambria, Caeserstone and Silestone.